Shanghai Disney Project with HK series



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  Warmly celebrate the successful cooperation between Yueqing Heyi Electric Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Disney Electric Engineering Project.

With the sincere cooperation of all the participants and the hard work of the project team,

the various goals of the project construction were successfully completed, and the legal and compliant construction,

safety and environmental protection measures of the project were implemented.

    The project was launched at the end of 2020. The project team selected the HK series transformers produced by the company.

Through joint efforts, both parties ensured the safe and smooth operation of the facility installation,

and the work flow was carried out as scheduled. Complete the delivery of the project in 2021.9.

    HK series products - wide range of sizes, allowing clamping of large cables or busbars, open design for easy installation and removal.

Accommodates all existing installations.Wide range of applications.

HEYI Electric has many years of business experience and mature transformer production technology.

At the same time, we are constantly upgrading and improving our products,

in order to provide customers with a safer and more convenient experience.

Let new and old customers choose us with confidence.

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