HEYI in Exhibition of ASEAN M&E SHOW 16 in Malaysia

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Author : Youlanda
Update time : 2016-06-22 14:10:00

Laser printer for HEYI current transformers

HEYI  took  part  in the  exhibition in Malaysia from 23th to 25th May 2016,it's successful and a good beginning of entering Market of Malaysia.
At the first day, we’re surprised and honored that Minister of Electricity of Malaysia visit us, although a short time but we had a kind talk. We realize that Electricity department is serious about this exhibition and the suppliers from China.
HEYI  is the expert of low voltage current transformer. During the exhibition, MR  CT and Mini   CT series  had been widespread concern.Morever,visiters showes  a  big  interests  in HEYI Rogowski Coil System, until now, a  part  of  visiters  have already start cooperation with us.
Welcome you to be distrubitor of HEYI in Malaysia. Looking forward to your voice
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