Warmly celebrate the success of the Winter Olympics

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Author : Youlanda
Update time : 2022-03-01 21:17:00

As one of the suppliers of the Winter Olympics, the KCT series transformers produced by our company are committed to using the most refined and strict production process and the most complete product testing to provide a reliable guarantee for the use of each product.


In the "multimedia era" where the Internet links everything, different media such as video, social networking, news, short videos and other new Internet media have become high-quality carriers of Olympic culture.

Holding the Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics against the backdrop of the COVID-19 epidemic China actively responded to challenges and mitigated the risks of the epidemic with its successful experience and innovative measures, while ensuring the safety of the Winter Olympics, adding excitement to this ice and snow event and boosting confidence in the world .

Sports know no borders, share the joy together! In this Chinese New Year of the Tiger, let us watch the Winter Olympics together and move towards the future together!


In the future, the company will make persistent efforts to produce a new type of transformer that is more efficient, safe and convenient to provide a better guarantee for the safety of the circuit and the use of customers!