World No Tobacco Day

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Cherish life, stay away from tobacco

Time of establishment

      World No Tobacco Day (World No Tobacco Day) is May 31 every year. In November 1987, the World Health Organization proposed to set April 7 every year at the 6th International Conference on Smoking and Health held in Tokyo, Japan. It is World No Tobacco Day and has been implemented since 1988.

      Since 1989, World No Tobacco Day has been changed to May 31 every year, because the next day is International Children's Day, hoping that the next generation will be free from the harm of tobacco. Achieving a smoke-free world undoubtedly requires human beings to reach a consensus on the truth that "smoking is not good" and "tobacco is a drug".

      The origin of World No Tobacco Day can be traced back to South America, where tobacco is grown.
Tobacco is a wild plant that grows in South America. At first, Indians chewed tobacco leaves or made cigarettes to suck. After Columbus discovered the New World, European powers carried out large-scale colonial plunder, and tobacco has since entered the world and has become the most common consumer product. Tobacco has been prevalent in the world for more than 200 years, and it was not until the 20th century that humans began to realize the harm of tobacco to human beings.
       In 1977, the American Cancer Society first proposed a way of publicity and education to control smoking - No Tobacco Day. On this day, a nationwide "smoking is harmful to health" propaganda was carried out in the United States to discourage smokers from not smoking on the day, and stores stopped selling tobacco products for one day. The United States has designated Thursday the third week of November as its National No Tobacco Day. Since then, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and other countries and regions have also formulated the No Tobacco Day. [3] In November 1987, the United Nations World Health Organization recommended that April 7 each year be designated as "World No Tobacco Day", and it was implemented in 1988. But since 1989, World No Tobacco Day has been changed to May 31 every year, because the next day is International Children's Day, hoping that the next generation will be free from tobacco harm.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

      Tobacco can damage almost all organs in the human body, and smoking cessation can effectively prevent or delay the progression of smoking-related diseases. The study found that the risk of death from coronary heart disease in patients with coronary heart disease can be reduced by about half after 1 year of smoking cessation, and it will continue to decrease with the extension of smoking cessation time. And preventing secondhand smoke exposure is the most important means of preventing and treating COPD. Smoking cessation is the only proven method that can effectively delay the progressive decline of lung function; smoking cessation can also reduce stroke, peripheral vascular disease, pneumonia and gastric and duodenal diseases. Ulcer morbidity and mortality. Therefore, smoking cessation is an important part of the treatment of various smoking-related diseases. Smoking cessation can also reduce the harm of secondhand smoke exposure to surrounding people, especially family members and colleagues.
       There are benefits to quitting smoking at all ages, and "quitting early is better than quitting late, and quitting is better than not quitting." No matter when you quit smoking, you can gain a longer life expectancy after quitting. A 50-year prospective follow-up cohort study of male physicians in the UK found that smokers lost about 10 years of life on average compared to non-smokers, and that quitting smoking at 60, 50, 40 or 30 years gained about 3 , 6, 9 or 10 years life expectancy. Also, the number of years of life gained after quitting smoking is called "healthy life years". Those who quit smoking have fewer illnesses and disabilities than those who continue to smoke.

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