HEYI in Exhibition of Indonesia

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2016/0906-09 HEYI in Exhibition of Indonesia


HEYI take part in the exhibition, ELECTRIC, 


held in Indonesia from 6th to 9th Sep. 2017. 

Bethy Cai (sales manager): 

Today is 7th, just the second day in exhibition, but i can't wait to share ideas with you. The market here is really different, the company here doing business not only with one or two products, they require almost all the products used in distrubition cabinet. We done the market research before, thus except current transformer, we also take number pipe, cable ties, terminal blocks, cold pressure terminals, rails and son on. It turns out to be totally right. People here shows a big interests in our one-stop purchasing service. I believe more and more people will come in next 2days. 

This exhibition is mean to HEYI, as we display not only current transformers. In order to meet the requirement for so many productsm, HEYI staff spend a lot time to study and research. And in the exhibition, HEYI displays a diversified image to the world. But one point is always still: "HEYI only manufacture current transformer."  And now plus, "but the service we offered is not only one!!" 

Thanks for reading, hoping to see you in near future :-) 

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