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HEYI Electrical Co., Ltd. take part in HANNOVER MESSE in Germany from 24th to 28th April, 2017.

   The theme of exhibition is Power, people there have wonderful experience on Energy Saving. As an manufacturer of current transformer, HEYI focus on split core Cts for ARM&AMI, smart grid, smart home and so on, we share ideas on "what's the trend of energy saving", "what kind of Cts for a specific power system" and "how to improve a Ct to make a progress for a current energy solution".

   That's our advantage that HEYI position us a high level manufacturer to produce high quality Cts and improve current solutions for the development of power industry. That's  the reason makes people and HEYI have a same topic and know more about each other. During the exhibition, we have a lot of visitors and Bethy, HEYI sales manager, visit many enterprise at their Booth. Most of them have big interests in HEYI and move on to the first step of cooperation already.

   Right now, we have achieve the new design of KCT. And our next stage is to improve Rogowski within this year.

   For more information, please visit our company website: www.heyiele.com 


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