Team building activities - let's go rafting together

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Update time : 2022-07-06 17:40:41

Team Building Activities - Rafting Tour

      Going to play canyon rafting together on Saturday, the impression is that it is a deep mountain stream, free wandering, all kinds of bright reefs and dark rocks. But today's rafting canyons are relatively standardized, requiring helmets and life jackets, and the route of action is also fixed. There are not too many rocks and the risk factor is not large.
      Every other section of the road, there will be slides (should be artificial), some are thrilling, some are gentle, but they will not affect the water entering the kayak. The staff will provide paddles for everyone to move freely, and also provide water scoops for everyone to scoop out the water in the boat.
Leisure, excitement, adventure... Ride down the river and feel the thrill and excitement of rafting. In the green mountains and green waters, people laugh all the way, scream all the way, play in the water to their fullest, and get wet happily. If you have experienced this kind of feel, you will definitely feel better.

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